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Janet was wonderful in helping me sell a difficult property.

My only critique (if I have to give one) would be that as a first time buyer/seller i needed a bit more communication just to keep me up on what was going on. Things were moving along because of her good work, but I didn't really know what was happening some of the time. I would surely recommend her in the future.

Roy and Kathy Klebe Trust

Janet always provides service that is professional and personal.

She jumps right into action mode to get the job done always mindful of my best interested. I trust Janet.

Linda Howard

Very knowledgeable on the local market.

Responsive and very professional. One of the best.

John Coelho

Janet is simply wonderful in every way!

She is so responsive- I just cannot praise her enough

Linda Black

Very profesional

Hai and Kim Nguyen

Janet is a great real estate agent.

I'd definitely recommend her

Victoria Grippi

Janet has leased 4 apartments for us in the last year.

She has found excellent tenants and made the paperwork a breeze. She is professional, thoughtful, accessible and a joy to work with. I would not work with anyone else in San Clemente.

Re-Imagine LLC

From the first time I met Janet Montandon over 9 years ago, she threw herself completely into my first home purchase.

I was referred to her by a friend and knew from him that typically, her deals held a much higher dollar amount than mine would be, but you would have never known that from how Janet treated me. She took me out just about every weekend with a long list ("a Hit Parade", she called it) of houses that fit my criteria. We hunted and hunted, and she kept me well-informed all along the way. I was never confused by anything and she would always answer a call or text immediately. Three kids and 9 years later, my growing family was bursting at the seams and Janet always kept us in her thoughts. She was always searching for homes for us that would fit our family, our budget, and keep us in the same neighborhood. Unfortunately, those three things didn't ever line up until very recently. One day, I texted her with interest in a new listing that was coming up that day and in only the way Janet knows how to conduct herself, she immediately went to view the property, let me know that I would love it, and within hours, we were inside, mentally running through our checklist. A day later, we submitted our offer, and although the seller took another offer, we decided to keep pressing on and try to sell our home just in case the other offer fell out. Just a short couple of weeks later, (Who am I kidding? It was a torturous couple of weeks!) , that other deal did fall through and thanks to Janet for always keeping in close touch with the seller's agent, the seller accepted our offer and we just moved a week ago. Janet held Open Houses for our home all while managing her long list of clients and sold our home for us just at the perfect time. We are close on the sale of our home today, and owe absolutely everything to Janet. I also cannot fail to mention Doug's involvement (although I'm sure I only know the surface of what he did). I know that Doug went over our contracts with a fine-toothed comb, ensuring that in no way would we be taken advantage of or enter into anything that would haunt us in the future. Doug helped us with our first purchase when we got the keys, but the door wouldn't open. He drove back up to the condo after hours and figured out how to get the door to open for us. I consider Janet a second mom, and feel, without question, that both she and Doug treat my family as their own children and grandchildren. I could not be more pleased with her and refer her to absolutely everyone I can. First Team is just so lucky to have both Doug and Janet on their team and although I hope to never ever ever move again, Janet will always be my Number One if any real estate endeavors come our way in the future.

Jeff and Kate Callan

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